National Grocery Stores Chain
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  • ТМ «АТБ Спецзамовлення»

    ТМ «АТБ Спецзамовлення»

  • De Luxe

    De Luxe

    «De Luxe Foods&Goods Selected» is a PL trademark created to acquaint ATB customers with the cuisine of world cultural centers. Exquisite goods from all over the world are specially selected by employees and overcome thousands of kilometers to reach their customers. All products can easily be identified by their minimalistic and moderate design, which emphasizes their high quality and doesn’t require any additional advertising messages.

    It is a clear pleasure to cognize the world with exquisite products De Luxe Foods&Goods Selected.

  • ТМ «Своя Лінія»

    ТМ «Своя Лінія»


  • ТМ «Розумний вибір»

    ТМ «Розумний вибір»


Private labels

ATB discounters offer customers their private label products which are represented in most product categories and cover more than 600 commodity units. Customers of ATB stores can buy dairy produce and groceries, meat and fish delicacies, pastry and snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, household chemicals, household and personal care goods. 

The high quality, market focus and advantageous prices of ATB’s private-labeled products were recognized by all-Ukrainian prizes: “Private Label-2009: Innovation of the Year”, “Private Label-2010: Development Dynamics”, “Private Label-2011: the Best Price”.